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Tips to Help Insure a Safe and Successful Hunt...

A very large part of the success of any hunting trip is to be well prepared. The following are things that we believe are extremely important in determining the outcome of any hunt.

  1. A legal firearm (243 cal. or larger), which you have used and are comfortable with, of adequate caliber for the species that you are hunting.
  2. Time spent at a gun range ahead of the hunt, is time well spent. Most of our shots will be between 100 to 300 yards.
  3. The dependability of scopes can sometimes be affected in transit. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of your rifle, let us know. We will make every effort to help you sight it in at the Gun Range in Meeker. Clients who have a back up gun, and have the room to bring it, are encouraged to do so.
  4. Shells of adequate grain, factory made or dependable reloads.
  5. Layered clothing works best, allowing for changes in temperature or precipitation. Allow enough changes to accommodate drying of wet ones.
  6. Sturdy hiking type boots with slip proof tread.
  7. Be forthright with your outfitter about any limitations or special concerns that you might have that might affect the method of hunting, the success of the hunt, or especially your physical safety.
We look forward to your visit.

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